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Kohl Consulting works closely with businesses of all sizes and industries to enable long-term sustainable success. Below is a sample of some of current and previous clients.


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Nathan G. Rogers,

Chief Information Officer,


"I began implementing Patrick Lencioni's methodologies within my team after reading 'Politics, Silos and Turf Wars'. Positive transformation and tangible results immediately followed. However, as my team grew, I recognized the need for expert guidance, leading me to Table Group and Waldemar in 2019.

Through Waldemar's immense knowledge and experience, we were able to create a coherent strategy, align our efforts, and foster a deep sense of purpose. Waldemar played a vital role in creating alignment across my organization, breaking down silos and increasing collaboration.


Working with Waldemar has been transformative, paving the way for our team's success. I highly recommend their proven methodologies and exceptional leadership to take your team to new heights."

Keith Miller

Keith Miller, CEO, 

Montgomery County Revenue Authority

"Waldemar's expertise in facilitation helped our organization to navigate through the complexities of culture identification and implementation. His approach was flexible, open-minded, and collaborative.


What impressed me most about Waldemar was his ability to coach and guide our team through the process without taking over. He challenged us to think deeply and critically about our organization's culture and provided valuable insights and suggestions that helped us to create a culture that is aligned with our values and goals."

Meredith Crouse

"Waldemar is a highly skilled facilitator and ambassador for organizational health. I have worked with him on a number of occasions, with different leaders and leadership teams, and I have found his approach to be efficient, effective and flexible.


Waldemar has the ability to quickly understand organizational pain points and leadership challenges, and to enable 'break through' moments for teams and individual team members. I highly recommend Waldemar!"

Meredith Crouse,

Chief People Officer,


Buddy Webb

Buddy Webb, CEO, Lake Street Advisors

"It would be hard to overestimate the impact that The Table Group has had on our team and organization. The primary reason for that is if we had not engaged Waldemar our team would likely not exist as it does today (meaning key people would have left and the business would have taken a big step backwards).


Waldemar stepped into a situation where there was years’ worth of baggage that needed to be cleared before the real work could even begin. Once that was navigated, the leadership team was able to engage in the process of learning more about each other and developing the business clarity that we needed to move forward."

Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke,

Chief Strategy Officer,

PKF O’Connor Davies

"Waldemar has been helping us strengthen our leadership team since 2016. He understands our firm and bring his knowledge of a Healthy Organization to us within the context of how we operate. He invests himself in our success and our Partners see him as a critical part of our results.


Waldemar is the first person I call when I want an outside balanced perspective. He uses his knowledge of overall leadership effectiveness and our firm to help me think through any challenges I might be facing. #Highly_recommend"

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