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A Proven Approach to Business Success

We believe that organizational health is the primary source of sustainable, long-term success. This is because healthy organizations are able to tap into and maximize the knowledge and skills of their people, resulting in higher productivity, morale, and overall performance.

There are Four Disciplines to master in the Organizational Health process.
Four Disciplines
Four Disciplines
Four Disciplines
Four Disciplines
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Leadership Team Cohesion & Alignment

We work with the leadership team to build trust and cohesion. The process begins with getting eye-to-eye with the CEO on specific goals and objectives for the team. Team cohesion results from overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, inattention to results. The team learns how to improve meeting effectiveness, driving to better decisions and action on what’s most important to the organization.

Organizational Clarity & Focus

In addition to building trust and cohesion, the leadership team must create absolute clarity for the organization by answering 6 Critical Questions:  Why do we exist? (Core Purpose), How do we behave? (Core Values), What do we do? (Business Definition), How will we succeed? (Strategic Anchors), Who must do what? (Roles & Responsibilities). After aligning on this clarity, it must be overcommunicated and reinforced throughout the entire organization.

Executive Coaching

Individual executive coaching can contribute significantly to the effectiveness of the leadership team by helping each leader become aware of how they may be contributing to the team’s health and dysfunction. Coaching provides a safe, confidential space for self-reflection, deepening awareness, and generation of ideas for moving forward in an authentic and productive manner, benefiting the individual, team, and organization.

Personal Coaching

Building healthier, more rewarding relationships, both at work and on a personal level, often requires that we understand ourselves better–our unique personality, preferences, and ego defense mechanisms. When there is unresolved conflict in our key relationships, it can affect our overall sense of health, wellbeing, and overall purpose. Personal coaching provides a deeper self-awareness of ourselves, so that we can heal and mature in all aspects of our lives.

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